Calculate your employee's holiday entitlement

New employee joining your organisation? Use our calculator below to find out what their holiday entitlement will be when they join you.

I have a new employee joining

Where you have a new employee joining during the year, they will be entitled to a pro-rata holiday entitlement. Complete the form and we'll tell you what that entitlement is.

What is a pro-rated entitlement?

If you offer your employees 28 days' annual leave per year and a new employee joins five months into the year, they would receive a pro-rata holiday entitlement based on the seven months of your leave year that is left.

How does accrual of holiday work?

During the first year of a worker's employment, you can stop the worker taking more holiday than they have built up. So, if they are entitled to 28 days, they would "accrue" 2.33 (28/12) days per month.

What happens after the first year of employment?

After the worker completes their first year of employment, they can take the full amount of their entitlement immediately. This of course has downside for the worker. You can also reasonably refuse based on business reasons. For more information, check out our ultimate guide to paid annual leave.

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Monitor holiday entitlement accruals

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Holiday entitlement policies

Customise leave policies for all your locations so all your employees receive the correct entitlements.

Who's off at the same time

Just in case your employee does want to take all 28 days in one go - you can see straightaway who else is booked off at the same time.

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