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Take control of your staff absences

Join hundreds of other companies who use Leavetrack to organise staff leave.
Vacation, remote, sick - it's all tracked.

Trusted by hundreds of small and medium businesses

Stay on top of staff absences

A simple dashboard shows all upcoming absences across your teams so you can see at a glance who's off.

“Leavetrack has for some years now enabled us to manage our holiday and absence recording. A good bit of software which frees up management time.”

Diana Heming, Director, Morgan Financial Group
customer for 8 years
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Control and visibility of employee leave

Each record shows all the absence details, an audit trail of who did what and lists who else is off at the same time.

“An awkward manual process has been transformed by Leavetrack into a hassle-free and more efficient use of our time.”

Cynthia Fisher, Director, Intatec Limited
customer for 9 years

Fully customisable leave types

No matter how you manage absence in your organisation, you can customise Leavetrack to match your way of working. Vacation, remote, fact anything.

“We’re very happy with the's something we’ll be using for the foreseeable future so your support is always appreciated.”

Maggie Cronin, Santa Fe Relocation Group
customer for 4 years
Dashboard user interface

See who's off at a glance with the wall planner

Just like you'd hang on the office wall. Except this is accessible everywhere and ready for the modern office.

“With a team of over 50 employees, keeping track of absences and holidays using a paper based system used to be time consuming and prone to errors. Since introducing Leavetrack, the whole process has become a lot simpler and easier.”

Cynthia Fisher, Director, Intatec Limited
customer for 9 years

Make the most of your time

Get control over staff absences and ensure transparency throughout your organisation.

Secure Records

All absence records are securely stored in the cloud.

Delegated Approvers

One of your managers going on holiday? They can delegate approvals to another employee.

"One Click"

Approve and reject requests with one click straight from the notification email.

Calendar Integrations

Add individual, team and company calendars to your preferred calendar application.

Slack Integration

Integrate with Slack to approve and reject requests from your Slack workspace.

Multiple Approvers

Optional two tier approvals for all requests.

Monitor Accruals

Leavetrack warns you when an employee will exceed their accrued leave.

Easy Reports

In-built reporting plus export everything to analyse in Excel.

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