£13/month for 100 employees

Easily track and manage your employees' absences

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Leavetrack allows you to focus on the important things in your business and removes the paperwork involved with managing your employees' absences.

  1. Your employee makes a request online and a notification is sent to the manager
  2. The manager (or a delegated approver) approves the request in the application or straight from the email
  3. The employee's records are automatically updated and a record created of who did what and when

Lots of employees? Don't worry. We'll get them onboarded and setup for free.

Leavetrack has for some years now enabled us to manage our holiday and absence recording whilst also giving employees the ability to record, view and request time off. A good bit of software which frees up management time.

Diana Heming

Director, Morgan Financial Group Limited

With a team of over 50 employees, keeping track of absences and holidays using a paper based system used to be time consuming and prone to errors. Since introducing LeaveTrack, the whole process has become a lot simpler and easier, freeing up Managers’ time and allowing them to focus on the really important activities. An awkward manual process has been transformed by LeaveTrack into a hassle-free and more efficient use of our time.
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Cynthia Fisher

Director, Intatec Limited

Don't waste any more time filling out Excel sheets or calendars. Leavetrack stores all your absence history securely in the cloud.

Leavetrack monitors your employees' holiday accruals and warns you when they are going to exceed it.

One of your managers going on holiday? They can delegate approval to somebody else for the duration of their absence.

Need two people to approve requests? Leavetrack allows you to have a two tier approval system for all requests.

At-a-glance reports show you who is going on holiday and when. Easily share department and company holiday information through our integrated calendar feeds.

Approve or reject absence requests with one-click from the notification email. No need to login to Leavetrack when you make a decision.

Fully customise Leavetrack with your own leave types (holiday, sick leave, maternity etc.) and your own public holidays. Our simple system means Leavetrack works anywhere in the world.

Simple, straightforward transparent pricing. No need to "request a quote". £13/month for up to 100 employees and £19/month thereafter.

All your data (including credit card information) is securely transmitted and securely held by our providers Rackspace and Stripe.

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