Free employee leave tracker for Excel

Of course we think Leavetrack is the best staff and employee leave tracker on the market. But, sometimes, you just want something simple.

To help you, we've built an Excel spreadsheet that will help you track employee leave in 2019 for free. That's right. Free. It won't cost you anything! We won't even ask you for an email address.

As we are offering this employee leave tracker for free, we can't provide any support I'm afraid and it will only work for very straightforward leave arrangements.

To get started, download the Excel file and open it. You'll need to "enable macros" if prompted. There are a couple of configuration steps you need to take:

  1. On the right hand side of the employee leave tracker are the various leave types. We've pre-filled these with those we think are helpful but you can change them. You can also customise the working days for your organisation.

  2. On the holidays tab, you can add public holidays for your country or region.

To use, your employees just need to fill in the appropriate code on the date they want to take leave. The columns at the end will then total how much absence each employee has taken in each category.

As an example, if an employee wanted to take paid holiday from the 2-3 January, they would fill in PH in the two cells. The totals at the end ignore non-working days and any public holidays you add.

This only covers 2019 so we'll release a 2020 version a bit later in the year.

If you are looking for a more thorough solution than Excel, Leavetrack comes with:

  • fully customisable leave types and working patterns at an employee (rather than organisational) level
  • built-in approval workflows and audit tracking for absence requests
  • integration with Slack allowing requests to be approved directly from Slack
  • loads of reports
  • a 60-day free, unlimited, trial to make sure it works for you.

If you are a Google organisation, a Google version of this is coming soon!