Updates to Leavetrack

Here are some new things we’ve launched in the past couple of weeks.

Quick search

Using the search box in the navigation bar, you can now quickly find an employee and jump straight to their record rather than navigate to them by Account > Employees, find their name in the list…

This is an example of a request from a customer which was implemented within a couple of days so if you have suggestions for Leavetrack, get in touch.

Holiday Entitlement Summary

We’ve added a new report showing a quick summary of your employees’ holiday or PTO entitlements, the days they have booked and the days approved for the current leave year.

Employee Reports

Coming soon, new individual reports for each employee showing a summary of their time off across months and across categories. This is in trial with a couple of customers at the moment and will be launched to all customers very soon!

Currently in development

We shared this on Twitter this week, but a new look is coming to Leavetrack and we can’t wait to get this finished and launched to you all.

Also, and finally, amendments to holiday requests are coming. This is our most-requested feature and one that is taking some time as we work out the best defaults to implement for what can be changed and when. As an example, should we allow changes to be made after the request for holiday is created but before the manager has approved it?

Leavetrack is the simple way to track and plan for staff leave and other time off. With straightforward pricing from £13 per month for up to 100 active employees, it’s used by companies with 15 employees and those with 250.