A few updates to Leavetrack

As Leavetrack continues to grow, I’m addressing some of those customer situations which don’t happen too often and don’t take me too long to deal with on the back-end. This will enable my customers to have more control over their own system and better manage that paid time off.

Firstly, adding new holiday years. Customers can now add the next holiday year in their sequence and doing so will create holiday entitlements for all employees for that year. What I have noticed is that some employees really book next year’s holiday well in advance meaning I was adding new holiday years in the June or July of the current one. This change allows the customers who use Leavetrack to update it when best for them.

Secondly, editing public holidays. Maybe you made an error when entering it or you want to change the description or your local Council has declared Christmas Day to only be a morning thing! You can now edit the holiday information and when you do, all relevant absences will be updated.

Only some small changes but ones that will make Leavetrack just a little nicer to use for customers.