Leavetrack ❤ Slack

I’m happy to announce the release of Leavetrack’s integration with Slack.

Slack is “where work happens” and used globally to enable teams to better communicate. Our integration with Slack has two parts. Firstly…

Single Sign On

You can use your Slack account to sign into Leavetrack. If you’ve not created an account, clicking the “Sign in with Slack” button will create an account in Leavetrack for your organisation and you. Anyone else from your Slack team who signs in will automatically be added to your Leavetrack account. And secondly…

Leavetrack Bot

Well, kind of. Any absence request created in Leavetrack will be posted via direct message to the manager of the person creating the request.


And, with a click of the button, the manager can approve or reject the request straight from Slack.

In addition, Leavetrack will post a daily summary of who’s off to one of your Slack channels.


I’m very happy with this addition to Leavetrack and hope that you find it useful too.